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These are things from the first couple of years of FFF, which I look back at with vague fondness, but also not without slight embarrassment.
They are a bunch of animated GIFs that used to grace the "splash" page that FFF had, all using 27 squares arranged into 3x3 squares and garnished with various forms of blinking, wobbling, flashing, growing, contracting, changing colour, etc.
Some of the animations are crude, some of the ideas are kinda lame, but at the time I know I enjoyed making them and, on the whole, enjoyed the results.

(Apologies in advance if you wanna look at them all: there's a buttload of hitting the 'back' button to do.)

01. The Original 27 Squares
02. Pushy Button Blocks
03. Wavey Outlines
04. Expanding Outlines
05. Black & White Op Art Thingy
06. Pinky Neony Version
07. Grid Feelers (Black & White)
08. Grid Feelers (Colour)
09. Nudging Outlines
10. Pink Sinkers
11. Blue Curvy Things
12. Brown Twitchy
13. Crappy Advent
14. Flickery Fadey Outlines
15. Greys On Green
16. Blue/Drew's Favourite
17. Cyan & Red Hand Drawn & Scanned
18. Hand Drawn Broken Cubes
19. Reddish
20. Green Outline Wibble
21. Big Lemon Jelly
22. Tiny Yellow/Green
23. Pink Slab
24. Tiny Blues Moving Outwards
25. Waving Yellowy Columns
26. Smooth Wavey Columns
27. Muted Tones Mexican Wave
28. Black Outline Flicker
29. Orange Button Columns
30. Not Sure How To Label This Do It Later
31. Grey Planes
32. Windy Grass
33. Itchy Virus
34. Green 70s Thing
35. Mac Pre-OSX Close Window Button
36. Rounded Bright Mexican Wave
37. Fast Blue One
38. Purple Circle Infection
39. Small Red Jelly
40. Small Cyan Pushy Buttons
41. Valentine's
42. Red Pixel Runaround
43. Light Boxes
44. Racer
45. Green Passing Along