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The colours and letters should be obvious, but just in case: S = singer, G = guitar, B = bass, D = drums, K = keyboards of various sorts, inc. computers or mixing equipments, T = turntables. If the singer regularly plays an instrument, they get a pink ring around the instrument. Multi-instrumentalists are shown with their main instrument. If you spot a mistake, feel free to email me. If you feel like writing me an email telling me that person X played the mandolin on three albums as well as the drums, please delete that email. On the whole, if there were different line-ups of bands, the classic line-up of a band is shown. (Obviously, there might be times when what I consider a classic line-up is different to what other people might consider a classic line-up.) Stage positions are approximated. There may well be footnotes. If you don't see your favourite band here, be patient, they are likely on my "to do" list. Thanks to Dana who suggested the name of this project.
Updated 4 July 2014

Kraftwerk. Current live version shown.
Radiohead. Looking at images of them playing live, Colin Greenwood sometimes stands to the left of Philip Selway, and sometimes on the right.
Stone Roses. Stone Roses 1 refers to the classic line-up, Stone Roses 2 refers to the reformed classic line-up.