31 May 2004


I've had a wonderful weekend. It was a three day weekend, and it is called Fings Weekend. I'm not sure how it is spelled though.

We went to a market on Saturday, which was a bit too busy. Then on Sunday, we went to Derick and Jennifer's house and played in the garden with lots of other people. There was a barbeque which smelled woooooooooonderful! But no one would let me eat anything of it. Then I had my leash tied to a tree while everyone played ping pong.
I got my revenge, though, cos I bit a couple of their ping pong balls and they couldn't use them any more!

Today, we went for a walk in the Tiergarten, which is a massive park in the middle of Berlin. I got to play with my toys, dig holes (my favourite thing apart from sticks!), play with lots of other dogs and run and run and run.

Brilliant fun! I like Fings Weekend!

27 May 2004


After the football match, we finally settled down to watch the end of Das Boot.

The submarine was on the bottom of the sea, then they got lots of water out of it, then they got everything working again and then they sailed back to their port!
I was so happy!

But then, some planes came over the port and dropped loads of bombs and nearly everyone died.
I was so sad!

Today, we went to the park and it was raining, but I still had fun, cos there was a stick for me to play with.
I love sticks!

26 May 2004


While Craig was away, he bought a DVD of something called Das Boot. We've all been watching it before we go to bed at night for the past couple of evenings. Craig says we'll see the end of it tonight after the Champions League final.
I'll tell you what's happened so far.

There's some men in a boat that can go underneath the sea. They keep looking tense and switching red lights on.
Then they all fall around and plates crash onto the ground and try and be quiet cos one man is listening to his radio.
Then they shoot some big metal sticks at some boats, then another boat shoots at them.
Phew! It's so exciting.

I thought we were near the end, but then some posh looking men told the captain that they had to go to Mediterranean and shoot at more boats.

So, they sail close to Gibraltar (to look at the monkeys), and then an aeroplane shoots at them and one men starts bleeding, then the ship goes deep deep down and it won't stop going downer and downer and then it hits the bottom, and loads of water starts coming into the boat, then-

Then, Craig switched it off, cos Hanni and him wanted to sleep.

I've been excited all day! I can't wait to find out what happens. I hope this Champions League thingy is over quickly.

25 May 2004


I've had a strange few days lately.
Craig went out the house before Hanni last Wednesday, and didn't come back til Sunday! What's going on? I'm not sure where he went, but I'm glad to see him back now.
Then before Hanni came home, Granny Karla came to visit and then Grandpa Rudi came and we went to their house.
And I lived there for a couple of days!
Then Hanni came to see me, and she brought me back home.
It's been quite an adventure.

But I'll tell you something good. I'm really good at jumping now!
I'm on the sofa or the bed in one leap! It's ace!
I like it!

14 May 2004


Yesterday afternoon, we watched a film called The Shining. Craig moved his computer off his desk and put it on a chair next to the sofa, and we both lay there and watched the film.
I will tell you about the film. There's a man who goes up a windy road into a hotel and talks to another man. Craig says that it was a job interview. Then there's a lady who's pretty in a weird way and she's got a boy who talks to his finger. The finger spoke in a strange way which made my ears feel funny.
The man and the lady and the boy and the finger went to the hotel. Everyone else left the hotel. Then it snowed. Then there were two girls and lots of blood. Then the man got angry and stopped shaving.
Then he got more angry and the lady locked him in a cupboard. But a butler let him out and he tried to find the lady and the boy and the finger. Then a man in a coat who looked like ET drove up to the hotel and the man killed him with an axe.
The lady and the boy and the finger all tried to escape. The boy and the finger ran into a big snowy maze in the garden, and the man chased him, but the boy and the finger escaped and met the lady near a car with funny tyres.
And the man froze to death in the maze.
And the the film ended.
Craig said it was one of his favourites, but I'm not so sure. I've not seen many films, but this one was a bit too odd, and there were no dogs in it.

11 May 2004


Like the title says, I've finished reading the Virginia Woolf book at a cocker spaniel called Flush. I enjoyed it, but what happens at the end is quite sad cos he dies. I hope I don't die. It doesn't seem like fun. I want to be able to run around and roll in the grass for ever and ever.
There was a horrid bit in the book which I didn't like reading. Flush was kidnapped and had to drink green water in a stinky cellar. Urrgh!
Craig said he's see if there's any other books about dogs that I can read.

I had lots of adventures at the weekend. I went to the countryside to visit some of Hanni's friends. There was a dog there called Elvis, and we ran around a lot. And there were cats too! Cats are funny. They don't seem to like dogs much. But I don't like them much either.

I went to the countryside again and met more cats the next day. This time one of the cats hissed at me, so I did a wee on some flowers.

07 May 2004


Craig has lent me a book to read. He was very insistant that I read it and not just take it to my basket and chew it, which is very very tempting. But Craig says I would like the book. It was recommended to him by a girl called Karla who visits his website. The book is called Flush and the book is by a lady called Virginia Woolf. I made a joke about it being by a wolf called Virginia Laady, but Craig didn't laugh much.

Anyway, it's not a very thick book, so I lay on the sofa and started reading it whilst Craig sat in the chair and read his Mojo magazine.

Guess what!? Flush is about a red cocker spaniel! He's called Flush! Just like the book is called Flush. I'm a bit scared to go in the bathroom now, though, cos Craig keeps telling me he's got to Flush the toilet. I don't know if I can trust Craig anymore. One day he might want to Billy the toilet! I'll have to keep my eye on him.

So, Flush is a cocker spaniel, but he lived a long long long long time ago in England. That's where Craig comes from. He lived in the countryside for a while, but then his owner took him to London and left him there with another lady. It's getting exciting! I will read some more now and tell you about it later.

06 May 2004

My day in the forest

We went on a long journey yesterday. We went to a place called Grunewald, which Craig says means green forest. I was excited when he told me we were going there!
We stopped on the way, because Craig wanted a cup of coffee. The place where we stopped was called Savigny Platz. Craig said it is a posh area. I'm not sure what he means. He told me off for doing a poo in the middle of the street, but I had to go. I couldn't hold it in anymore. And the lorry driver didn't seem to mind that he had to wait for me to finish before he could drive past.

I got in a fight! I met a German Shepherd dog and he was friendly for a while, then I tried to play with him and he bit my back. I yelped, then Craig stroked me and the other dog's mum told him off. Serves him right for biting me.

Then I met a snake! Craig said it wasn't a real snake, but it looked like one, it had a forked tongue and everything. He didn't seem to want to play with me, though.

Craig took a photograph of me with the snake. Look!

Then we were in the forest and I got to run around a lot. Craig threw some sticks and my ball and I chased them. It was brilliant! We were near some water too, and there was some sand, so I had fun there. I went in the water a little bit, but I didn't really like it that much.

There's so much to see in the forest! Lots of fallen leaves to jump around in, lots of different smells, lots of sticks to chew.

After we'd been walking for a long time, we came home.

There was a man who didn't like me on the tram, but I didn't care, cos Craig thought he was a "miserable bastard".

Just as I was having a nap under Craig's desk, we decided to go out again. We went and met one of Craig's friends and her three children.
They were fun! They had a football, and let me play with it. I'm as good as Maradona and they were impressed!

Then Craig found some ticks on my head, and he looked a bit worried. But when Hanni came home, I had to sit on the table so they could hold me and get the ticks out. I'm not sure what a tick is, but they made sure that they got the tick's head out of my skin. Then they gave me a biscuit and Hanni combed my hair and then I looked pretty and then I went to bed.

05 May 2004


Yesterday, Craig took me to the park. I missed the park, I didn't go yesterday because of the little nap I had in the man in the white coat's room. I like the park. Craig lets me off the lead, and I can run around and sniff everywhere.

I had fun chasing butterflies. There were two Cabbage Whites and they were fluttering around and trying to escape. I wasn't quick enough to catch them.

Then a bad thing happened. Craig spoke to two men, then after they walked away, he put me back on the lead! I was upset about this, and so was Craig. He said they were "fucking Polizei".

We walked through the park for a bit, but then Craig had a good look around and let me off the lead again, and I ran and played with a German Shepherd.

It was my lucky day! I found three more dogs together and we all had a good sniff of each others bums and ran and ran and ran. It was so much fun! I was the slowest dog, though, but that's because I was the smallest.

When we got home I drank soooo much water. I was really thirsty. Then I lay on the sofa and smiled.

Craig went out and left me alone in the afternoon. He seemed to be gone for ages. But he left the TV on for me, so I watched some tennis.

Craig came home! then Hanni came home! and then I lay next to their feet and had a little sleep.

04 May 2004


Last night, I found a box of matches on the floor. I ran to my basket with them, but Hanni saw me and took them away from me. so my revenge was to wake Craig up again while it was dark and I got on the bed again! I think I've won this battle! Soon the bed will be my permanent sleeping place.

Craig took me for a walk, and I saw three dogs. But none of them wanted to play! It's bad when that happens. One of them was old and ran away when I sniffed his bum; the next one avoided me; and the third one just barked a lot of got shouted at by his mum.

Then I wanted to lick at some sick on the floor outside the Indian restaurant, but Craig wouldn't let me.

It would have been the most boring walk ever, but then I dragged Craig to the bakery to see the nice lady who gives me a doggy chew. Today she gave me two! I am happy now.

Oh no! Hanni just left me again! Then she came back and I was happy, but all she wanted was her keys. Then she left me again!

03 May 2004


Craig has left! He ran too quickly out of the door. I tried to follow him, but he just shut the door. I waited for a while to see if he was playing a joke, but no! he's gone!
I thought that maybe I should watch the Snooker so I could tell him what happened, so I did. It's quite confusing for my little spaniel brain to understand. There are two men with sticks, and there are no dogs there to chase the sticks! Ooh, I wish I was there, then I could play Fetch and Snooker at the same time!
Those two men they push a white ball at some red balls, then they push it at some other different coloured balls, then another man comes and takes these balls out and puts them back on the table. Perhaps he's a dog really and this is his game of Fetch.
They keep going, and the third man waits and waits and waits until all the balls are gone...then he fetches them all out at the same time!
I want to play snooker!

When the snooker had finished, I went back to the door, and I could hear Craig's feet on the stairs, so I knew he was coming home to see me! It was great to see him again, then I told him about the snooker, and he said I was a good boy.

Then he found my favourite ball behind the sofa! I'd been looking for that for ages. I will now tell you about my favourite ball. It is not a snooker ball and it is not a football. It is just right! It fits in my mouth and it's bouncey and it's yellow and it's a bit orange too.
Craig or Hanni usually throw the ball down the hall, and I run and get it and take it back to them. Then they do it again. Then I take it back to them again. Then they do it again. Then I take it back to them again. Then they do it again. Then I take it back to them again. Then they do it again. Then I take it back to them again. Then they tell me to lie down. But I don't want to lie down! I want to play with my favourite ball!

Hanni's just come home! I've got to go and lick her face! Woof!


I just did a wee! Then I stepped in it!


It was still dark when I woke up. I think something was up with my tummy last night. It was making strange noises, and I wasn't very hungry. I woke up and it was still a dark sky. The rumbling in my tummy was quite loud, so I went to the hallway and did what I had to do.
Blimey, I felt better after that. So I went to wake up Craig to tell him about it. I jumped up on the edge of the bed and licked his hand. He just rolled over. So I fussed a bit more and he lifted me up onto the bed. He didn't seem interested in my poo, but that didn't matter, I'd got myself onto the bed! I'll have to remember this tactic: wake Craig up when it's dark = me getting to sleep on the bed!

Hanni went away! I barked, but she didn't come back!

I didn't have any breakfast! I kept hinting by sitting near my bowl and then looking at Craig, but he didn't seem to notice.
Then we went for a walk. Lots of things to sniff today. A bit more than usual. Met a nice dog on Stargarder Strasse. He was a big brown thing. I've not seen one like him before. He had a good sniff around my bum, and I lay down and put me feet near his nose, which he seemed to like.

I don't remember much about the next thing. I went to see the man in the white coat who gives me biscuits and looks in my eyes. I remember him shaving a bit of hair off my leg, then I saw a bit of red liquid coming out of my leg, and then... well, I don't know. I just felt a bit weird.
I think I had a nap while I was there, cos the next thing I remember, Craig was carrying me down the street and felt sooooo sleepy. He put me down a couple of times and I couldn't walk! I kept falling over! But Craig would then pick me up and we'd go a bit further.
Eventually my legs felt a bit more like normal, but I was still a bit wobbly.
I'm not sure I like having a sleep in that place.

The rest of the day I've been really lazy! I've just slept next to Craig's chair, then I slept on his belly when he watched the green thing with the balls on it, which Craig said is called Snookers.