25 June 2004


Last night, he was exceedingly odd. He was watching football again. And he kept jumping out of the sofa and shouting. I was a bit scared. So I sat in the bathroom for a long time, but I could still hear him.
Then it all went calm. He just switched off the telly and we went for a walk. He didn't want to play or anything.
I like footballs, but I'm not sure that I like Craig liking watching football.

23 June 2004


So, I went to the white coated man's place. He had a look in my ear, and it kinda hurt. Then he stuck a needle in my leg. That hurt too.
And then, strangest of all, they took me off into a room out the back, and Craig just left me there!
I was there for ages.
Then I had a sleep for a while.
Then I woke up, and I was still there. Eventually Craig arrived. I tried to be aloof and annoyed with him for leaving me there, but I think my tail was wagging.
When we got home again, I had a nap on the sofa, and decided to forgive Craig.
Hanni's still not home. I think she's a bit upset because Germany lost at football. I noticed Craig wasn't upset that Germany lost, though. He seemed very happy indeed. I don't understand humans.


Last night, we were waiting outside the supermarket whilst Hanni was buying some tomatoes, and Craig let me roll in the grass. I like doing that. Then suddenly, I felt something in my ear. Ouch! It hurt! So I shook my head, but it still hurt. Then I scratched my ear with my foot, but it still hurt. I tried this again and again ALL night, but it still hurt.
Craig looked in his cocker spaniel book and told me that I've got some grass or something in my ear.
So we're off to see the man in the white coat today. I like him.

20 June 2004


Yesterday, we went to the market as usual. It was fun, as usual. Then, on the way home we saw some flags.
They looked like this:

Now, my first thought was, 'ooh, they're pretty', but Craig and Hanni soon told me otherwise.
They said they are flags of the Nasties, and the Nasties used to be in charge of Germany and they were horrible to their people and they fought with all the other people in Europe and beyond who they didn't like.
I'm not sure how they felt about English Cocker Spaniels, but I'm sure they didn't like them, cos Craig said the English and the rest of the British people had a fight with the Nasties.
I'm starting to get used to humans saying things when they mean something different: Craig and me have fights, but usually it involves us both grabbing the end of a sock and pulling it; but I'm sure the fight with the Nasties was more than pulling socks.
So, then I asked Hanni why the flags are on this house in the photo. She said it was just some people making a film.
I was relieved. So relieved, in fact, that I relieved myself.

15 June 2004


Well, Craig seems to have lost his brain at the moment. On Sunday he lost his keys, then Hanni found them this morning, and then about an hour later when Craig took me to the tree to do a wee, he left his keys in the flat!
I think he's going insane.
So we were locked out of the flat with no money, no mobile phone, nothing! We had to go and borrow some money from the nice man in the bakery so we could get a taxi to where Hanni works so we could borrow her keys.
He's having a tough day, so I think I'll not do a wee on the new rug today.
I've not told you about my new rug, have I? Well, it's white, and it looks a bit like a polar bear. I'm not sure why, but I just like peeing on it. I've done it twice now! I was proud of myself, but then Craig and Hanni shouted at me.
Tonight, there's more football on telly. Craig and Hanni had a big discussion about whether I was an England or Germany fan; Craig said I'm an English Cocker Spaniel so I should support England; Hanni said I was born in Germany, so I should support them.
I'm confused.
In the end, they decided I should support Spain, cos I'm a Spaniel. Frankly, I don't care, I just wanna get my teeth into that juicy ball they keep kicking around.

14 June 2004


Hanni, Craig and I went to a big room full of people last night. It was very very busy and noisy and everyone was watching a big moving picture on the wall. It turns out it was a football match between England and France.
Craig was getting excited sometimes. He even jumped up and down at one point. I liked that, it was good to see him being happy.
Then he jumped up and down again, but not for long, cos he then muttered something about someone called Beckham being an idiot. Hanni told me that was because this Beckham had missed a penalty.
Then it all went a bit odd. Loads of people got excited suddenly. then they got excited again really quickly. Craig looked sad whilst everyone else was happy, and we had to leave quite quickly, and Craig didn't talk to me much on the way home.
I'm not sure I like watching football as much as playing football.

11 June 2004


Last night, I felt a bit strange.
It was a bit hot, and Craig was watching a DVD and ignoring me. I couldn't get rested, and y'know, started feeling a bit, y'know, weird.
Craig's shoulder underneath the duvet just looked a bit... tempting.
Then I had what Craig called a "Prince moment": I jumped on his should, gripped hard with my front legs and just went at it.
Craig started laughing and pushed me off and called me a horny little bugger.
Hanni and him are wondering if I'm gay. I'm not sure what they mean.

10 June 2004


Craig says we can go to a different park to day. It's called Humboldtshain, I think. Craig says it's bigger than our usual park, but he's warned me that if it rains, we can't go.

Look! another web doggy! He's called Lennon and he's a Beagle. I like the look of him. I hope he's in the park later, I'm sure we could do lots of running and playing together!

09 June 2004


Craig and I went out this morning. Just as we got a few metres down our street there was some rain falling down, then a short while later, there was abig noise in the sky. I asked Craig what it was and he said it's called thunder.
I thanked Craig for his swift and precise answer, then we carried on.
He then told me I was a good boy, because lots of dogs are scared of the thunder.
I don't know why other dogs are scared cos it just sounds like a tram going past our flat, but from the sky instead of the street.
We both got really wet in the rain! I splashed in some puddles! Then I did a shake to get rid of some of the rain of my lovely coat, and an old lady made a noise like "tut!"

08 June 2004


We went for a walk in the park this afternoon. It was nice and warm and there were lots of other dogs to sniff and play with.
But it wasn't as fun as usual; Craig didn't seem to want to play with me or throw ticks for me like usual.
I even did a poo under a tree just to make him happy. I know he doesn't like it when I do it on the pavement cos he says he can't clean it all up properly.
I think he's got something on his mind. I will investigate further and see if I can find out what it is.

04 June 2004


When we went to the video shop and Craig picked up Dogville, I almost wet myself with excitement!
Finally, he'd rented a film just for me!

I was very very disappointed. The only dog in it was a chalk drawing on the floor. How can a film be called Dogville and only have a drawn dog in it?

Craig apologised and said I could watch Turner And Hooch next time. Yippee!