29 July 2004


Craig reminded me this morning that doing a blog is for life, not just for Christmas.
I'd forgotten about it, to be honest. Too many interesting things happened for me to be remember to do this.
So, I'll tell you what I've been doing recently.
I went on holiday with Craig and Hanni. We went to a camping site that was near a beach. I tell you, the beach is fun fun fun!
It's like a normal street, but made up of something called sand which is easier to play with than concrete. And instead of having cars going past, there's LOADS of water. And the water moves. It comes closer then goes away again. It's a bit odd, but I kinda liked it.
Craig took me into the water for a swim. I'm not keen on swimming. I quite like the idea of it, but the reality is that it's a bit scary.
Another good thing about the beach is meeting other dogs. I made several new friends on the beach. We ran around, sniffed each other, played with balls and Frisbees.
After the holiday, I was quite exhausted. But for a few days I was sad to be home. I liked getting up and going for a walk on the beach in the mornings; chasing sticks and seagulls.
I learnt something good on the beach too. I saw a bigger dog do a wee with one leg held up in the air. I don't usually do this. My weeing technique involves kinda leaning my whole body forward with my hind quarters lower than the rest of me, then letting it flow out all over the floor. But since seeing this big dog do his wee, I've realised that I can wee on everything if I do it too. I still need to practise a bit, cos my posture isn't so great when I do it, but I think all the bitches will be impressed.

09 July 2004


I had a haircut. It's not fair. They took me to a hundsalon. They left me there for 2 whole hours. This woman cut the hair off my back and made me look stupid. I hate her. Then they came back, and they thought I looked stupid too. Craig said I had a mullet.
I wanted a haircut cos we're going to the seaside at the weekend, and I wanted to look hot for the bitches. But my haircut made me look like some east German builder.
I sulked for a bit, then they took me to a different hairdresser, and there was a nice old man smoking a pipe, and he got rid of my mullet.
I still feel a bit self-concious but at least I don't look like Billy Ray Cyrus anymore.

08 July 2004


I've had a boring week. Same old same old. Craig plays with me a lot, we go for walks, but he's doing paintings a lot at the moment, and I'm not keen on the easel thingy. It's a bit big and scary.
Pauli went home. I got to quite like him, he became my first proper friend. He said we could be email pen pals, but he's not mailed me yet. I think I might send him an email this afternoon. I'll get Craig to take a photo of a cucumber: that'll get his attention.
For a while Craig had his bicycle in the kitchen. It just sat there, doing nothing. Then at the weekend, Craig turned it upsdie down, took one of the wheels off and did some stuff with it. Then the bicycle was gone. I'm not entirely sure, but I think this occurance and Craig going out without me more often are connected. Much as I didn't like the bicycle, I hope it comes back soon, cos that'll mean I get to go out more often.
I'll have a nap now.

01 July 2004


I've not really had time to do my blogging this week cos we've had visitors.
First came Pauli. He's a guinea pig and he's the pet of Granny Karla and Grandad Rudi. He doesn't really do much. He just stays in his cage and makes a squeaking noise whenever anyone opens the fridge. I try to ignore him when Hanni and Craig are around so that they don't suspect anything. But when they go out, Pauli and me have fun together! We play hide and seek. He usually wins cos he's smaller and I can't really hide anywhere good.
The other visitor we had was a friend of Hanni and Craig's called Niels. He's from Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He always liked to play with me. I like Niels a lot.
In other news, I was sick in Hanni and Craig's bed last night.