28 August 2004


I seem to spend half my life at the vet's surgery. I hate it there. I try to let Craig know I hate it by dragging backwards and not moving when he tries to walk in there.
My cough wasn't getting better, so that's why I had to go. The vet stuck something in my bum to measure my temperature, and he said I had a little bit of a fever. Then he felt my neck and said "ooooh" and then he told Craig that I had a slight bit of bronchitis.
Then he squirted something in my mouth and it tastes horrible. Since then, Craig has done that three times a day. I'm not sure if I like Craig anymore with all this squirting.

27 August 2004


Oooh, I had a terrible night's sleep last night. I was coughing all night. Then someone's car alarm went off just as it was getting light, and I could sense that Craig wasn't happy about this either.
I've had quite an average week, really. Lots of fun, of course, but nothing special. Craig and Hanni are very happy with me these days, because I don't do toilet inside the flat any more. I'm proud of that. I've learned a special technique: if I need a number one or number two, I go and sit next to Craig, look at him with my cute eyes, then jump up and breathe in his face. He likes it, I think.
I like to do my number ones on car wheels now I'm nearly an adult doggy. They don't really like me doing it, but Craig says if a car is parked on the pavement, then I'm allowed to do it, cos it's not the car's place.
I think that's all I need to tell you today.

19 August 2004


My rear end is playing me up at the moment. It's itchy as hell. I have to keep scooching it along the floorboards or pavement to get rid of the itching. Quite frankly, I look like a fool when I'm doing it. I can see Craig watching me and giggling. He can just piss off.
So, anyway, we went to the man in the white coat, and he stook something up my bum. Craig said it will make things better.
Onto other matters: I think I had my firsy gay experience in the park the other evening. I wasn't cruising or anything, it just kinda happened. There I was minding my own business, when this big black dog came from nowhere and started sniffing around my doghood. I sniffed his too, but then he jumped on top of me, gripped his front paws around my belly and was just about to go for it, when I heard Craig shouting at the other dog and trying to get him away from me. Craig said some rude words. Then he picked me up and walked away, but he the other dog kept following us. Craig and I ran for a bit, but the other dog still followed.
It's quite flattering to know that dogs as well as bitches think I'm cute.

11 August 2004


I went swimming last night! I went with Hanni, her friend Katharina, and my big doggy pal Vince. He's huge, and he showed me that swimming in a lake is fun. It's much more fun than the sea cos there's none of them crazy tides to deal with.
I got really wet and dirty!
Craig didn't come with us cos he's got an ear infection, but I suspect the real reason is that he wanted to listen to a football match on his computer. He's a loser!

09 August 2004


Poor me, I've been feeling ill the last couple of days. It's so hot, and I'm not really interested in my food anymore. I just wanna sleep in the cold dark hallway all the time. And when I do a poo, it's all messy like melted ice cream. This morning, though, my poo seemed better, so I'm a bit happier. I hope I don't have to go and see the man in the white coat, cos he's always doing weird things to me.
I didn't tell you about my weekend with Granny and Grandad, did I? Well, it was SOOOOOOO much fun! I didn't really want to come home. In fact, I sulked for the first couple of days. It's not so much fun being in the city, cos with Granny and Grandad, I can run around their garden all the time.
I saved Granny Karla's life too. I'm a hero like Lassie! She was shouting for help in the night, so I jumped up onto the bed and licked her face! Then she woke up and told me I saved her life. I like being a hero.
Maybe one day I can be in a film about heroes.

01 August 2004


I'm quite excited, I'm getting another holiday! It's only for a few days but I'm going to stay with Granny Karla and Grandad Rudi! They live in the country, so it means I can do lots of running around! I'll tell you all about it when I come back.