29 September 2004


Hmm, I'm a bit lethargic at the moment.
To be honest, I've not done much recently, so I can't be bothered to do blogging either.
One of Craig's friends visited us, though, last weekend. It was a surprise visit, so Hanni and me laughed a lot about it before John turned up, because Craig didn't suspect a thing!
The good thing about having John here was he kept leaving his socks on the floor for me to play with. And it meant there were three people I could wake up every morning!

It seems that autumn is here now. Craig says they call it 'fall' in America. I wonder why that is? Is it because the leaves fall off the trees? (I like fallen leaves! So fun to jump around in!) I wonder if Americanese people call winter 'decompose'?

Anyway, my brain hurts now, and I need a poo. Bye bye, readers.

12 September 2004


Yesterday, I woke up ready to fly to Chile to take part in the march to remember those who died in the military coup in 1973. I was just packing my bags when Craig told me that 11th September wasn't just about what happened 31 years ago; it was also Hanni's birthday.
I'd forgotten all about it, so Craig said that I could pretend that his presents were from both of us.
Hanni liked our presents, and she liked the way I licked her hands after I'd been licking my testicles. Girls like that sort of thing, I think.
Hanni said that we were going to have a party. This sounded like a good thing, but then they started moving things around. Tables, chairs, settees, all moved to different places; lots of scraping noises (which I don't like AT ALL), lots of beer (which I'd not had much experience of before), and not much playing with me (which I HATE).
At about nine o'clock, some people came. Then more people came. And more people. IT was brilliant! Loads of people to fuss around, and they all wanted to be my friend. Then Vince, my big doggy pal came and we had a good chat about how stupid our owners are, and he let me lick his testicles. I don't think my technique is so good though cos he made growly noises when I did it.
It was such an exciting night! So exciting that I just couldn't help myself, and did a shit in the hallway.
The rest of the night is a bit of a blur, cos someone spilled a bit of beer on the floor; a couple of licks of that and I was legless!
It was four in the morning before I got to sleep; and the sound of my paws on this computer's keyboard seems exceedingly loud right now as I type this.
I think I need an Asprin.

01 September 2004


I was a bit naughty today. Me and Craig were going for a walk to a shop that sells little bin bags that we use to clean up my poo. I didn't really like the shop that much, so while Craig was paying for the bags, I did a wee against the cashier's desk. I think Craig noticed, but the moody lady behind the desk didn't.
I am punk rock!