27 November 2004


It was raining when we went for a walk this morning. I liked it! It meant I could get all wet and mucky! Other dogs like that, I think they see me as some sort of cowboy when I'm all dirty.
When we were on our way home we went into Papki, our local shop. Papki sells drinks and chocolate and cigarettes and magazines with naked ladies on the front. The woman in Papki... she doesn't like me anyway, and I'm not wild about her either. Well, today, she told Craig that he should leave me outside when I am mucky and wet! I was quite offended, I'm still cute even though humans don't like the mucky wet-ness! Anyway, Craig told her to f- her cigarettes and f- you (I'm not allowed to say the proper F word, I'll get in trouble), and then we walked out. I was proud of him, but I soon realised that he was a bit silly. We can never go in Papki again.

16 November 2004


Well, I've never seen anything like this before! Craig and I were walking in the park earlier, it was a cold morning and I was a bit thirsty, so went over to a puddle to have a quick drink and guess what: the water was sort of hard! And when I walked through the puddle, the hard water cracked! So I jumped on it and it cracked some more! Then I scratched away at it and eventually turned it into water and had a little drink.
Sometimes the park surprises me.

10 November 2004


I just forgot to blog for a month! Time goes by so quickly when you're a doggy. You run around in the park, sleep, eat, and then it's November.
The world I live in is changing quite quickly at the moment. There's loads and loads of leaves on the floor to jump around in, and every time I go to the park I always get brilliantly mucky.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to stay with Granny Karla and Grandpa Rudi for five days! Five days! It was brilliant! They've got a garden so it was fun fun fun ALL the time.
I was happy to see Craig and Hanni when they came to bring me home, but I do miss Granny and Grandpa and their garden.

One good thing about being home is that Craig now takes me to the Hundwiese, which means something like 'doggy meadow'. This is an enclosed area just for dogs! So there's no annoying children with kites and moddy people who don't like dogs. And it means I get to run around A LOT! And there's usually plenty of other dogs around who's bums I can sniff!