25 December 2004


At this time of year I like to think of all the other dogs around the world who are eating their bones and playing with the new toys they've received as Christmas gifts. I also like to spare a thought for those dogs that are alone, wandering the streets; or in dog homes waiting, hoping, praying for a family to come and look after them; and those dogs that live in parts of the world where they are eaten by humans. You poor little buggers have my thoughts on this Christmas Day.
I am a lucky cocker spaniel, as I not only got presents from Craig's mum and Hanni's parents, but I got toys from our neighbours in the house. I have a whole new set of chewy, throw-y, ball-y stuff.
But, guess what! Craig and Hanni didn't buy me ANY presents! I'm not sure if I did something to upset them, but I guess I must've.
Oh well, I've ot more than enough toys. I think I'll have a nap now.
Merry Christmas to you all. Woof!

19 December 2004


It's my birthday today! Hurrah! Not sure what they mean by birthday, Craig tried to explain that it, but it still seems a bit odd. He said I've been alive for exactly one year now. What the hell is a year? Today is like yesterday. Yesterday was like the day before that. I remember some days being warmer, but how do these humans remember 365 days ago?
But it seems to be a good thing cos I got a proper bone to gnaw on. Not one of those crappy ones in a plastic packet from the supermarket, a real one from an animal! It's brilliant! Perhaps bones is what birthdays are all about.
I wonder if my mummy and brothers and sisters will turn up for my birthday... I've not seen them all for aaaaaaages. I kinda miss them sometimes.

16 December 2004


I was looking at Craig's website today and noticed he put some pictures online from the opening of his arty exhibition thing. Well, I was there, and let me tell you: Craig is rubbish at this art! Totally rubbish. The paintings don't really look like anything special, they're just faces done with squares of paint. That's hardly Rembrandt is it?
There was one good thing about it though: Henry came. He's my friend. He's a beagle. He brought his parents along with him and they talked to Craig and Hanni, so that left me and Henry to do important dog stuff.
You'll never guess what he told me! He's been castrated! I had a look, and it's TRUE! No onions!
I was a bit confused about it, to be honest. I looked at him from behind, and he looked like a bitch, but when I tried to, y'know, I mounted him and felt his frank with my front paws. I just don't understand this sort of thing.
I saw Henry again today at the Running Around Place and yep, he's 66% bitch, 33% dog.
But I still had a quick lick of his willy! It's so tasty!