24 January 2005


I also saw he did a guide to Berlin. He forgot to do stuff for dogs, so I'll do it:

Trees in Berlin
Lots of them here, usually lots of poo and pee to sniff at. Watch your paws, though, you might get poo on them.

Other dogs
Oh, there's plenty of dogs around. Most are friendly. Some of them don't want you licking their private bits, but once they've growled, I usually back off and all is good.

Usually one close by. Often you're not supposed to be off your leash, but just give a few tugs and your owner should give in.

Like I said before, doing Flip Flop Flyin' is simple.


I had a look at Craig's website today and saw his What If.. thingy. I decided to do something like that myself:

What if Craig gives me a biscuit: I'm happy
What if he doesn't: I'm not happy

What if I can go and play in the park: I'm happy
What if I can't: I'm not happy

What if I can sniff another dog's poo: I'm happy
What if Craig pulls me away from the poo: I'm not happy.

See? This Flip Flop Flyin' lark is easy-peasy!