27 February 2005


I've been very lazy lately. Not in real life; just in this blog world. Part of that is my own fault, part of it is Craig's.
There's been snow in Berlin, so I've just been having TOO MUCH FUN to blog. And when I come home from running and rolling in the snow, I've got so much of it caked in my hair that all I want to do is sit by the radiator and let it melt all over Craig's sofa.
For those of you who've never seen snow, I'll tell you about it: it's white, and it's a bit like being at the beach, excpet it's colder than sand.
The other reason I've not blogged is cos Craig went away for AAAAAAGES! He was away for a whole week. He says he went to a place called London which is on an island called Great Britain. This is where Craig comes from. I'd like to go there one day.
He said he drank lots of cocktails in London and they sounded delicious. All made with strawberries and honey and stuff.
I want to go to London next time too, Craig!