25 March 2005


When I ask Craig about chips, he talks about fatty fried potato sticks eaten with fish. When I ask Hanni about chips, she talks about a potato snack that comes in a salty bag and is often served with "dip". When I ask a hard-of-hearing guy about chips, he talks about the Titanic and Golden Hind. So when I went to the vet yesterday for a chip, I was looking forward to some potato-y goodness on a boat in the ocean. No! I was wrong! I got a microchip injected into my neck! Good Dog up above, what the hell are these people doing to me? Craig said it was so that I could travel to different countries, but that's bollocks cos I went to Poland last year and they didn't mind me being there without a chip. Craig says some countries are stricter about it than others and might put me into a canteen if I don't have a chip. So now I'm left wondering...are we going on holiday? Are we? Are we? Can we go to the seaside? Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

22 March 2005


I've seen a peacock before, when I was a puppy. I saw one again at the weekend. He was a shady character. I know his game...trying to woo people with his crazy big feathers, underneath it all, though, he's just a big pigeon. I don't like 'em...

18 March 2005


Well, it's a week since Craig, Hanni and I gave up smoking now. Not that I smoked properly, of course; just passively. I've been a bit kranky, but on the whole I like not being a smoker.

05 March 2005


Craig keeps telling me that I've got to blog more often. Not sure why he thinks he's some authority, looking at his rate of updating his website. Anyway, it's Saturday night, and I'm just chillin'. We finished watching the first series of The O.C. DVDs last night, and frankly, I don't know how the hell I'm gonna be able to wait for the second series to come out. I hope there's more dogs in it, though. All the people look so attractive in The O.C. so I'm chomping at the bit to see some Newport Beach bitches. Grrrr!
In other news, I've got a new thing. I used to have a collar for when we go walkies, but it nipped a bit around the neck. Craig wants to go one way, I want to sniff that poo over there, and suddenly - JERK! - I can't bloody breath. So Granny and Grandad got me one that goes around my head and legs like a ladies bra. It's much better, I can tell you. Still not allowed to sniff the poo, though...