25 April 2005

Oh dear...

Well, you might've read on Craig's blog that he got punched yesterday. I'd like to thank him for saving my ass. And I'm glad that he isn't mad with me for running away, it's just that, sniff, the other dog was so big and scary, and he wasn't playing with me at all, he just wanted to bite me and hurt me, and not sniff my bum, and just hurt me and bite me. So I escaped when Craig grabbed him, and then I ran off. I think I might do some karate lessons, so I can help out in future.

18 April 2005


I went swimming yesterday. We walked for ages to get to a lake, but once we got there, Hanni and Craig chucked sticks into the lake for me to go and fetch. I was good at swimming, Craig said I was like Mark Spitz. I like being in the lake, it's so much calmer than the water at the beach. Can we go again this afternoon, Craig?

12 April 2005

Boy, am I in trouble

Oh Jeez, I'm in trouble. I've got this thing around me when I go for a walk. It's not a collar, but something a bit like a cup-less bra, that goes across my chest and around my back. I like this thing, it doesn't hurt my neck so much. Anyway, I, err, kinda ate it. Not all of it, but I chewed through it. And I tell you, I got shouted at. Craig was angry angry angry. I'm gonna go and sulk in the kitchen for a bit, keep my head down.

08 April 2005

My poem

You'll see in that column on the right where all the photos are, that there's one of me thinking about a poem in my little head. Hanni suggested I share the poem with you. So I will. It's a poem about my pal, Henry. It's called "My pal, Henry."

Other dogs and other dogs' poo
These things make me think of you
I like your head and I like your legs
But I wonder what happened to your eggs

(Note from Craig: Eggs is what germans call testicles.)

07 April 2005


I was right! We went on holiday! It was SUCH a long journey, we seemed to be in the car for EVER, but eventually we got to this place called Denmark. Denmark is famous for bacon and Lego. It's got lots of islands, but we didn't see any of those, cos we were on Jutland the main bit of Denmark which is attached to Germany. Our home for the week was a lovely cottage. The best bit was I could run around in the dunes and I could go to the beach EVERY DAY! Aaaaah, I love the beach. It's so much fun. Lots of stones, loads of sand to dig, and other dogs to frolic with.
I think Craig is doing some drawings and stuff about our holiday, so I don't want to spoil it too much. I might ask him if I can help...