23 June 2005

Hosepipe fun

We went to Granny and Granpa's house last night to water their plants while they are on holiday. I didn't really know this, so I got all excited and then, well, they weren't there. But Craig and me played a really good new game. He'd spray the water near me and I'd jump up and try and catch some. It was SOOOOOOO much fun. But then, Craig turned the hose to its 'jet' setting and then started spraying it right at me. that wasn't so much fun. He laughed a lot, and I had to run out of the way all the time.

17 June 2005

I'm a scaredy-cat, too!

For the first time in my short doggy life (I'm only 18 months old in human years), I got a bit scared of another dog. Okay, I ran away that time that the dog and man attacked Craig and me; but this time, a doggy just growled at me. He growled hard and I saw his teeth, and I dunno, I just went all jelly legs and ran to Craig and hid behind him.
Does this mean I'm a big softie?

08 June 2005

Craig's a scaredy-cat!

Ever since Craig and I had our little run-in outside the bakery, he's been a bit scared when he's on the street with me. I think he thinks I'm a wimp. But, I think it's him that's the wimp. Whenever we see another dog, I'm all happy and ready to play, but I can feel Craig holding me back a bit. So, I try to show him I'm tough by barking at the other dog, but Craig doesn't understand.
So it was nice this morning that he let me go into the Hundewiese to play with a dog. It was a bitch, so I had a good sniff. And we ran 'round and 'round. It was brilliant. I hope he lets me sniff more often now.

01 June 2005

My holiday with Granny

While Craig was away, I went for a week's holiday with my granny. I love it there. It was a week of fun. Running in the garden, smoking cigars, drinking brandy, eating ice cream. Brilliant.
Craig still seems a bit weird since he came home. He keeps taking about something called a Steven Gerrard. What is that?