20 July 2005

I don't ♥ NY

Did you see this?
Craig's going to New Yorks! He didn't tell me! Why? Why's he going? He can't leave me here! I want to go to New Yorks too!
I want to play fetch with the New York Yankees! I want to spit off the top of the Empire State Building!
And he's going for two weeks! Well, fine, just you remember Craig Antony Robinson: I might forget you. You may come back and you'll be a stranger to me.
In other news, I'm poorly. (Yes, Craig! I'm ill! And you're leaving me!) That pukey stuff I did: well, it didn't get better. I'm off my food, I don't wanna drink much water. But that didn't mean I wanted to go see the vet this morning. How I hate that man. Always sticking something up my bum and giving me injections, I've got rights you know!
New York... bloody bastard.

19 July 2005

New design!

I was looking at Craig's blogging thing, and noticed that he had a seperate design layout from the Flip Flop Flyin' page. Well, I thought, that's not fair! I am Billy! I am spaniel, hear me roar! So while he was on the loo, I opened Photoshop, nicked his design, put my face at the top, et voila! I too have a nice looking page.
Me happy now. I might lick my penis now to celebrate.


I did a puke this morning. Bleeeugh! It was horrible. It was all acidy and frothy. And people looked at me funny on the street cos I had white stuff hanging out of my mouth. Craig was a bit embarrassed, too. He had an apolgetic look on his face like, "it's not rabies, honest!"
Now I'm not allowed to eat anything. Boo! I want some toffee!

18 July 2005

Summer = lazy

Hello. Craig says I've got to do a blog today, cos I've not done one for ages. Phew, I don't have the energy, really. It's so summery. I just wanna lay on the nice cool wooden floor and have a nap. I've been spending a lot of time watching the world go by through the window. What's happening out there? Well, it seems they're doing some repairs to the tram lines, so they've replaced the service with a bus. That's a bit quieter. The couple across the street had another big argument today. They always argue. I feel sorry for the dog that lives with them. He's always stuck in the middle. When one of them storms off in a huff, he doesn't know which way to go. Poor bugger.
Anything else... let me think, let me think... oh! ooh! there's a dead pigeon under a bush down the street. Not had chance to have a good sniff, yet, but one day I'm gonna distract Craig with some fireworks, and then when he's going, "ooh, a Catherine Wheel," I'll sneak under the bush and have a good root around.
Right, gotta go. There's a plump pillow on the sofa with my name on it.