08 August 2005

He's back

Aaaah, I have use of a computer again! Hurrah! Craig's back from New Yorks. That's good. We went to meet him at the airport, and there were loads of people all stood around with big bags on wheels and stuff, and then it was weird. I was looking one way, then I turned my head, and there he was! So I licked him a lot, and jumped up a bit.
I wanted to tell him I missed him and that I'd been ill.
But he wanted to sleep a lot, so I slept right next to him to make sure he didn't run off again. And he did leave again this morning, and I thought, Oh no!, but he was only gone for a couple of hours, and then he took me out and I did a wee against a bicycle and then I did a poo in front of a hotel. It's good to have my master back, and I think he's happy to be back too.