19 December 2005

Merry Christmas

I just wanted to lick your face and wish you a Merry Christmas. I'm going to the countryside to spend the festive season with my grandparents. I hope there's snow!
I'll be back in the new year. Honestly, though, this time concept... Days, months, years... I just don't get it.

17 December 2005

Two films

Hello. I have two new films to tell you about.
The first one is simply an example of how darned cute I am. It's called Billy Is Cute.
The second one is our follow up to our western movie, Once Upon A Time In The Spare Room. It's a horror film this time, and it's called The Hound Of The Spare Room. Oooh, scary!

07 December 2005

Damn and blast

I did something silly today.
Craig and me were out in the park having a walk, and we went round a corner and I suddenly remembered that yesterday, there was a half eaten döner kebab on the floor behind a few trees. Yesterday Craig stopped me from eating any of it, but today, I was determined to eat some, so I ran off ahead of Craig, and he found me there, I'd only had a tiny sniff! No chance to eat anything. Boo!
But now he knows. He knows that my memory works. Damn! I've spent two years pretending not to have a memory so I don't have to sit and stay and heel when he wants me too. Now I've blown my cover like that guy getting on the bus near the end of The Great Escape.