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This is Flip Flop Flying's Advent Calendar.
It's a bunch of photos of Christmas in Berlin.

1st December

Buckets of senf und ketchup at a bratwurst stand at Alexanderplatz's Christmas market.

2nd December

The rather ropey cover of Brian Wilson's new Christmas album.

3rd December

Aerosol snow and jammy doughnuts at a bakery on my street.

4th December

Big gummi-ish snowman in the window of the hairdresser's across the road.

5th December

A nearly frozen lake in Schöneberg.

6th December

Mmmm. candy floss...

7th December

Christmas fairground on Unter den Linden.

8th December

Just in case you'd forgotten, a big shop in the centre of Berlin reminds you what it's all about.

9th December

I really like this.
It's huge plant pots filled with baubles outside the entrance to a fancy hotel.
I can't remember the name, but Robbie Williams stayed there once.

10th December

An, err, interesting drawing advertising a little place selling glühwein.

11th December

This is the entrance to a restaurant which Billy and I walk past on the way to the park.

12th December

The window display of a posh clothes shop. Nice amount of satsumas, I think.

13th December

Seems like this building, Oderburger Strasse 13, has a very festive hausmeister.

14th December

Even hardware stores are getting into the spirit.

15th December

A fairy light version of Brandenburger Tor. Sehr schön.

16th December

Festive toilet paper.
The Winterduft (winter fragrance), by the way, smells horrible.
It's kinda like a fake gingerbread-y smell.

17th December

Christmassy cranes at Alexanderplatz.

18th December

The window display of a second hand clothes shop on Pappelallee.

19th December

A very festive balcony on Hagenauer Strasse.

20th December

Ho ho ho! Big light-y Father Christmas.

21st December

This looked better in real life.
Lots of nice blue lights on the front of a hotel near a elevated train track.

22nd December

Aaah, they always make a big effort on Friedrichstrasse.

23th December

Nice big snowflakes at the KulturBrauerei.

24th December

A market with a big tree in front of the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gedächtniskirche.

Merry Christmas!