For want of a better word, I am an artist.
I was born in the United Kingdom.
I live in Mexico.

I am represented by Debut Art.
My email address is
My desk is not actually on a beach, sadly.

I am not the actor/comedian who was in Hot Tub Time Machine.
I am not Barack Obama's brother-in-law, either.
Nor did I play for the Atlanta Braves, San Francisco Giants, and Philadelphia Phillies.

I run two Web sites:
Flip Flop Flyin' is a Web site I have been running since 1999.
It contains drawings, stories, animations, and other silly stuff.
It is named after a Beach Boys song, Loop de Loop (Flip Flop Flyin' in an Aeroplane).

Flip Flop Fly Ball is a Web site I have been running since 2009.
It is about baseball.
It contains infographics, drawings, writing, and photographs.
It is so named because it began as a small, baseball-y offshoot of Flip Flop Flyin'.
Which, unless you are a goldfish, you will remember is named after a Beach Boys song.

I have written and illustrated four books, which have been published in over one languages:
Minipops: Famous People Drawn Really Small.
Published in 2004 by Mitchell Beazley
German edition published in 2006 by Eichborn

A collection of over 800 tiny, pixelated drawings of famous people.

Fun Fun Fun: 30 Ways to Have Fun
Published in 2005 by PPBook
Thirty double-page illustrations offering tips on how to have fun.

Atlas, Schmatlas: A Superior Atlas of the World
Published in 2007 by Harry N Abrams
Basically, an atlas with jokes.
Described in Amazon reviews as "vulgar" and "horrible" and "unfunny."
Someone else "highly recommend[s]" it, though, so you never know.

Flip Flop Fly Ball: An Infographic Baseball Adventure
Published in 2011 by Bloomsbury USA
Infographics, drawings, photographs, and essays about baseball.
"I believe it is the best book of sports graphics ever produced" Sean Forman,

You can find more information about these books at my author page on

There is also an iPhone and iPod touch app:
The Minipops app contains 1,000 small pixelated drawings of famous people.
It is available on the iTunes App Store.

I also do a blog:
The blog is called Flip Flop Flying. It's been going since 2005.
(I thought it was clever to have similarly-named sites, but looking back, it's probably just confusing.)

There's Twitter, of course, and You Tube, and Flickr, and a baseball-themed Tumblr page.

Thanks for dropping by.