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One of the lovely benefits from having this site is being able to show off some stuff in proper galleries in far flung locations.
Here's some pictures and text from the exhibitions.

Pasagüero, Mexico City, Mexico
03 - 31 April 2008

An exhibition of Minipops of famous Mexicans.

Rock en Seine festival, Paris, France
24 - 26 August 2007

An exhibition of some drawings of pop stars shown at a lovely French music festival.

Fräulein Smillas, Berlin, Germany
12 December 2004 - 30 January 2005

Portraits is a small show in a lovely coffee shop/bookshop just up the road from my flat. It is very simply some painted pixel portraits of various famous people, such as Diego Maradona, Elton John and Will Oldham.

Hans Brinker, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
18-27 July 2003

This show was organised by the lovely people at Fanclub (now Best Company). It was an exhibition of paintings which pick up a thread I started with Everybody's Dogs. Again plenty of dogs, but this time it's more poppy and more aspirational. These paintings represent places and situations I'd like to be in. Six one metre square paintings in a pixelly style. Woo.

Nuitdencre Galerie 64, Paris, France
05 July - 10 August 2003

A group show with Yoshihito Ando, Kinya Hanada, Akinori Oishi, and Koshiro Torisu, this was the fourth part of a global group exhibition called Alternatif Chronometer/ NON-STOP-GAME.
I used the theme to explore the technology that has affected my life. I did a pen on paper triptych called Some Of The Technology In My Room featuring, unsuprisingly, some of the electrical stuff in my room. This is accompanied by a text piece about those items and technology in general.

Soso Cafe, Sapporo, Japan
02-21 February 2003

After I'd done the Shift house thingy, the people at Shift - who run the Soso Cafe - asked me if I'd do something for the cafe.
I was overjoyed to be asked and for a while, had a blank brain as to what to do. But it was obvious, really. What did I want most in my life? A dog.
So I drew dogs. On islands. With lots of people.
The works were printed beautifully on huge pieces of paper. four of which were one metre square and the fifth was a gigantic three and a half by two metres. Yay.