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This is an idea that has been floating around in my head for a few months,
and for obvious reasons, I got around to realising it this weekend.

Each dot represents one word of the song. The colours represent who is saying that word.

Sometimes, I'm asked if there are prints of my work available; I don't normally do that sort of thing,
but on the off-chance that you would like a print of this graphic, I'm providing a hi-res TIFF
(254 x 321 mm / 10 x 12.6 inches; zipped file; 18.1MB) that you can download and have printed.

You don't have to pay for it—I certainly don't want to profit from it—but if you do want to
download and print it, it would be nice if you would consider donating something to a cancer charity.

Here are some links to cancer charities in different countries.
If your home country is not listed, and you want to donate, just do some Googlin',
and do it that way (and if you do do that, please email me (craig AT flipflopflyin DOT com)
and let me know which charity you used, and I can add it to the list.)

Canada: www.cancer.ca
UK: www.cancerresearchuk.org
USA: www.cancer.org

Here's the Mediafire link to the hi-res file: fightforyourright.zip

Craig Robinson, 8 May 2012

And here's another one, this time, my favourite Beastie Boys song, The Sounds of Science: