INFOGRAPHICS > 2011 World Series

June 2012

This is an experiment. It's not really meant to be an infographic as such, as it doesn't do what an infographic should do. It's a first attempt at trying to create a something that can visually tell you something about each game.
The idea began when I was at a Diablos Rojos game, and I paid attention to something I have seen hundreds of times. It wasn't something I'd actually bothered noticing and thinking about before, though: the dirt and white line gets more scuffed up between home and first base than it does between third and home. A pretty basic thing, but it got me thinking about how much each base path is used.
Unless the catcher drops a third strike, the only time the base paths aren't used is when a batter strikes out. For fly outs, line outs, and ground outs, the out occurs somewhere along the first baseline.
So the above "diamonds" attempt to record everything that happened, and between which bases, during the 2011 World Series.
A quick note: in game six, Matt Holliday was picked off third base. I've put the line representing that pick off between third and home on that game's "diamond." It seems a bit strange to do that, but I figure he was out between third and home, not between second and third.

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