Nothing special, just messing around with two photos I found on Google Images. (Apr 16)
Ebony and ivory
I'm fascinated by how tied we are to team identity. And I like to make things that play with that. (Mar 16)
Evan Jones
Simply Evan Gattis's head on Tom Jones's body. (Oct 15)
Beard balaclava
José Bautista. (Oct 15)
Wurld Serees 2015
Pretty sure MLB would've chosen my logo design had I done it before the playoffs began... (Oct 15)
A GIF tribute to two Division Series players. (Oct 15)
Ad-free ballpark
I Photoshopped out the adverts in a photo of [Beer Brand] Field, Denver, Colorado. (May 15)
Felix on photo day
A wee GIF of Felix photo day photos from 2012 to 2015. (Apr 15)
Dayn Perry Field
The American-est baseball park. (Feb 15)
Rob Manfred Mann's Earth Band
An obvious joke that just needs to be out there so I don't keep thinking about whether I should do it. (Jan 15)
Rogers Centre Hornsby
Two things called Rogers combined, obvs. (Jan 15)
Mr. November Rain
You will, inevitably, see what I did there. (Sep 14)
Aphex Pence
Replacing Aphex Twin's face with Hunter Pence's on the former's promo photo for his "Syro" album. (Sep 14)
Spam baseball cards
I made cards from images embedded in spam emails. External link to NotGraphs. (Aug 14)
Walking around Nápoles
Audio, vaguely baseball-related, of me walking around my neighbourhood in Mexico City. External link to NotGraphs. (Jul 14)
Nicki Molina or José Minaj
Possibly NSFW, I guess. (Jul 14)
All-Starr Game
Peace and love, peace and love. (Jul 14)
A question about Spring Training
Yes, a question. (Feb 14)
A question about Spring Training
Yes, a question. (Feb 14)
Cal Ripken's eyes
A wee GIF. (Oct 13)
Some Folks Call It a Sling Blade
Working out which game is on the radio at the start of the film. (Sep 13)
Angry defense
How I would manage a team of Angry Birds. (Aug 13)
Colby Rasmus' Hair Cloak
Just because. (Apr 13)
Mike Trout Mask Replica
I don't need to write words here. (Nov 12)
An animated GIF. (Sep 12)
MLB.tv Commercial Break
A Modern Pentaptych (Sep 12)
Chris Perez
He threw up after securing a victory for the Indians; here's my idea for a t-shirt commemorating the event. (Jun 12)
There's something about Jeff Francoeur's at-bat face that makes me think of him in a Goya painting, so... (May 12)
Ozzie Guillén's philtrum
An appreciation. (Apr 12)
Eyes of a Tiger
An epic movie. (Apr 12)
Mariano Rivera
I made an animated GIF from Getty Images photographs of Mariano Rivera. (Apr 12)
Marc Rzepczynski
Looks like an Angry Bird. (Oct 11)
Keith Law is good
How are you? (Oct 11)
Prince Fielder interview
Y'know... (Oct 11)
MLB logo as an ugly bird
I cut up the MLB logo and re-assembled it as an ugly bird. (Aug 11)
MLB logo re-design
It kinda bugs me that the MLB logo features a pitch that is a ball, so I altered it a tiny bit to make it a strike. (Aug 11)
One day...
...someone else will play right field. Animated GIF created from photos I took on June 23, 2009 at Safeco Field. (Aug 11)
Joe Torre
Totally looks like one of the Angry Birds. (Jun 11)
Bartolo Pour Homme
Wordplay. (May 11)
Nothing special; I just noticed the logos kinda work the other way around, too (Mar 11)
Derek and Alex
I too A-Rod's eyes and mouth, and replaced them with Derek's. And vice-versa. Be warned: you can't un-see the horror. (Feb 11)
A 1975 Braves ball
A signed ball that a friend bought for me, with a couple of mysteries to be solved. (Feb 11)
Walk of Life (Baseball Edit)
I edited Dire Straits' video for the 1985 single Walf of Life, removing all non-baseball footage, leaving only 15.87% of the video. (Jan 11)
Mickey wearing my glasses
About to switch the light off and go to sleep, I had to reach for my camera. (Jan 11)
The iTunes 10 volume slider
... totally looks like a baseball. That's all. No need to click anything, you've seen all there is to see with this. (Jan 11)
T-Ball Pitch F/X
Applying advanced analysis to T-Ball. (Oct 10)
Miamida Marlphins
An animated GIF taking a profound look at the logos of a couple of teams that play in the same stadium. (Oct 10)
Seen in a Mexican newspaper
Mexican English-language newspaper The News reports on what the Red Sox did to the city of Toronto. (Sep 10)
John McDonald
Saw this guy in a homemade John McDonald t-shirt at a Jays game. (Sep 10)
Marc Rzepczynski
A brief conversation with a man in Toronto. (Aug 10)
Little Pretty Pocket-Book
An updated version of the first known instance of the word "baseball" in print. (Aug 10)
The Wire
There's an episode in season 3 where Bunk and McNulty go to an O's game. But which game? (Aug 10)
MLB.tv wasn't always as great as it is now. There used to be a lot of buffering. And I used to take screenshots because, despite being a tad frustrating, they often looked kinda cool. (Aug 08)
Musical histories
I assigned a note to a position in a team's division and made "songs." (Aug 10)
Grounding out for the cycle
On July 26, 2010, Miguel Tejada grounded out to 1B, 2B, SS, and 3B. (Jul 10)
One track mind
I spent the summer of 2010 thinking solely about baseball. It had an effect. (Jul 10)
Hideki Matsui
... returns to New York. (Apr 10)
Ichiro's face
It's magical. (Mar 10)
Jacobs Field
And its rapid change on Google Street View (Mar 10)
I'm not from New York
I bought a plain white New Era cap and made my own Yankee cap. (Mar 10)
Ol' Dirty Sterling
ODB and Yankees radio dude John Sterling... well, there are similarities. (Feb 10)
One of the greatest joys in life: sitting in right field at Safeco Field and watching Ichiro. (May 09)
Randy and the dove
The incident from the dove's point of view. (Mar 09)