I tend to have a camera with me most of the time. One of those trouser-pocket-bulging habits that I've stuck with over the years. And I always take my camera to baseball games. Which has come to mean that a significant chunk of my Flickr account is made up of photos taken at baseball games. That Flickr account is here. And here's a direct link to the baseball photographs.

Below are some of the photos I like the best. Clicking the photos will take you to a larger version of Flickr.

37 37 37
Toronto Blue Jays 4 Detroit Tigers 10
SkyDome, Toronto, ON. August 29, 2010

Grounds crew spraying Dave Stieb's number 37 on the back of the mound in celebration of the 20th anniversary of his no-hitter, the only no-hitter in Blue Jays history so far.
Number One
New York Yankees 6 Seattle Mariners 5
Yankee Stadium, New York, NY. May 25, 2008

This couple were from Milwaukee. They shared their cotton candy. They were good people.
Draft Pic's Sports Bar & Grille, South 1st Street, Mount Vernon, WA. 2009

I spent one afternoon wandering around Mount Vernon waiting for a bus. I had some crappy teriyaki, too much coffee, and saw this painting on a wall outside a bar.
Shea Stadium outfield
New York Mets 6 Los Angeles Dodgers 1
Shea Stadium, New York, NY.

Shea's last summer; my friend Derick and I sat in the top seat in the corner of the upper deck. You can see part of the half-built Citi Field on the right.
Orange sky
New York Mets 1 New York Yankees 9
Citi Field, New York, NY.

Not only was this my first Subway Series game, there was a massive thunderstorm and a beautiful orange sky afterwards. There's more photos of the sky here and here.
Wisconsin t-shirt
San Francisco Giants 4 Milwaukee Brewers 7
AT&T Park, San Francisco, CA.

I'm fairly sure I'll never again see a t-shirt that made me smile as much as this.
Reserve seating
Los Angeles Dodgers 3 Washington Nationals 2
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA. July 25, 2008

Such a beautiful place. By far and away the most beautiful baseball stadium I've ever visited. A joy to get there early and watch it slowly fill up with fans.
Los Angeles Dodgers 3 Washington Nationals 2
Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA. July 25, 2008

Even the parking lot is awesome.
Josh Banks
Portland Beavers 6 Reno Aces 4
PGE Park, Portland, OR. June 7, 2009

I'd bought a new camera the day before and was trying out the high-speed burst function. Stitched together in Photoshop, unsurprisingly.
Toronto Blue Jays 6 Minnesota Twins 7
SkyDome, Toronto, ON. July 6, 2010

I often wonder if the different colour lights that make up floodlights have a specific purpose. I mean, does the odd green-ish light make a crucial difference?
Mauerpark, Berlin, Germany. 2007

Not strictly a baseball photo, but it's one of my favourite photos of my dog, Billy. He lives in Berlin with my ex-girlfriend's parents. He loved that baseball. Loved it so much he destroyed it.
Beloit Snappers 4 Cedar Rapids Kernels 2
Harry C. Pohlman Field, Beloit, WI. June 10, 2008

I love this photo. Says everything about being a kid, and probably says a lot about being a Class A ballplayer, too.