September 12, 2013

I had the idea for this in the summer of 2011. I did some work on it for a week or so, then did other stuff. I came back to it a year later, then again in the spring of 2013. Finally, I've finished it.

The first spark of the idea came when I was doing the International homers infographic; thinking about the idea of a field that was built on a border, so that it was in two countries. That lead to thinking about other stupidly-located ballparks. I've always liked the idea of rich, ambitious men forming leagues, hoping to challenge Major League Baseball back in the olden days. Or doing downright crazy stuff, like the Global Baseball League. And, while never playing actual fantasy baseball, I like the idea of real fantasies, like Jack Keroauc's.

Also, I'm a lefty and it's not fair that I can't be a short stop.