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April 6, 2011: Twi-night doubleheader

Game 1: Diablos Rojos del México 5 Piratas de Campeche 4
Game 2: Diablos Rojos del México 11 Piratas de Campeche 0
4:00pm Tuesday April 5, 2011
Time: 2:55 (game 1), 2:10 (game 2)
Attendance: 7,948
Weather: sunny and warm for game 1, a little windy and not cold for game 2
Intake: 7 Coronas and a small paper plate of habas, again.
Gary Glitter played: 11 times

Twi-night doubleheader. Magnificent. Not that I knew about it beforehand. I'm learning not to trust the schedule that much. The pocket schedule said the Diablos and Piratas would be playing three games on April 4th, 5th, and 6th. The Diablos web site said only two games, on the 4th and 5th. A few days ago, the Liga Mexicana website said the same thing, but that the game on the 5th would be starting at 7pm, not the 4pm advertised on the Diablos site. Yesterday, around 2.30pm, I decided to check again, just in case, and the site said it was a doubleheader, beginning at 1pm. So I grabbed my bag and headphones and dashed out the door to try and get there in time for the second of the games. And, who would've thunk it: it was a doubleheader beginning at 4pm. None of the sites that should've got it right had the correct info. Still, no problem: I arrived as the third Piratas batter came to the plate in the top of the first. I've never been to a doubleheader before. And oh oh oh how much fun it was, to be sat there watching a tight first game, bottom of the seventh and final inning: double, intentional walk, single, and then won by a Jose Sandoval sacrifice fly. Followed by twenty-odd minutes of groundskeeping, and I was still excited seeing the players come out to throw balls around, warming up for game two.

The Piratas changed uniform for the second game. They'd worn red jerseys for the first game and grey for the second. Far easier to see the red numbers on the back of a jersey when the jersey isn't red too.

Things of note: a teenage couple in the crowd, he wore a Derek Jeter jersey, she Curt Schilling. The guy in the badly spelled and number Randy Johonoson [sic] jersey who I saw on opening day, he was here again. He went running for a foul ball in the upper seating and just as he grabbed for where it would be, it had taken a bounce off in the other direction. While we're on the topic of foul balls: is there anything as undignified as two balding middle-aged men scrambling under seats to try and snag the same ball? The one who got the ball was wearing a glove, too. After his victory, he leant against a post, nonchalantly tossing the ball up and catching it, over and over again. Nonchalance that could not hide the complete loss of dignity moments earlier.

There was an old fella sat near me in a satin Yankees jacket. White hair. Between every inning, he stood up and combed his hair. And friend of his noticed me keeping score and asked about something he'd missed. My Spanish isn't really good enough to explain, and he spoke in English and read my scorekeeping. I wonder what he thinks that I keep track of my beers and the amount of times Gary Glitter is played.

The second game was completely one-sided. Right hander Marco Duarte pitched very well for the Diablos, not giving up a hit until the 4th, and in his six innings only giving up four hits total. The offense had given him 11 runs. Jean Machi came in to finish off the Pirates in the seventh. And with that the Diablos swept the Piratas.

The Diablos are on the road now until the weekend after next, when the Saraperos de Saltillo, the reigning champions, are in town.