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May 1, 2011: The one where I finally felt like a fan

Diablos Rojos del México 1 Sultanes de Monterrey 2
12:00pm Sunday May 1, 2011
Time: 3:29
Attendance: 5,061

It's hardly a groundbreaking thought, but defeat is when you know you're a fan. It's easy to clap and cheer when a team wins, but when they lose, that's when you know if you care or not. On any other day, the Diablos would've won this game, but it wasn't to be. Line drives hit straight at the short stop or second baseman. And, conversely, Monterrey hitting just out of reach. Then one down in the bottom of the ninth, pinch runner on first, Carlos Valencia smacks a double to center field. The runner, Emmanuel Avila pegging it round the bases, out at home. Just. So so only just. Looked safe to me, but then wasn't stood right over the plate like the booed-off-the-field umpire.

I was sat near an old fella who seemed to be dozing off most of the game although, oddly, he was always clapping when the cheerleaders were on the field.

One of the Diablos players, first baseman Japhet Amador is batting .422, leading the league. The team as a whole is batting .319, which is second only to Puebla (.328). Eight of the league's fourteen teams are collectively batting over .300. Lots of offense. Six of today's Diablos starting nine are batting over .300, but today, there wasn't enough.