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May 14, 2011:

Diablos Rojos del México 4 Tigres de Quintana Roo 12
7:00pm Friday May 13, 2011
Time: 3:22
Attendance: 12,850
Weather: warm, the odd spit of rain

Tigres used to play here in Mexico City. Ten years ago they upped sticks and buggered off to Puebla for a few years, and are now based in Cancún. Beyond some awful Diablos pitching that allowed the visitors to get off to 11-0 lead by the fourth, the main thing to note was the presence of the visitiing team's mascot on the field. The home team allowed the road team to bring their mascot out. Have the Daiblos never heard of the concept of home advantage? It seems idiotic to me to basically give away that advantage, especially at a game where, I'd guess, about 30% of the attendees were supporters of the road team anyway.