Die Kraftwerk Sammlung, 1999-present

Over the years I've done a lot of Kraftwerk drawings...

Kraftwerk Minipops, 1999-2017
(L-R) Trans Europa Express, Die Mensch-Maschine, robots, Tribal Gathering 1997, Live 2016.
In a somewhat appropriate manner, I "remastered" three of the drawings in 2023 when compiling this collection, because I wasn't particularly happy with them.
The original Kraftwerk Minipops will appear for one second once every 25 seconds.

Kraftwerk12345678, 2015
Commissioned by and first published in German magazine MusikExpress

Kraftwerks mexicanos, 2022
A series of ten drawings of various Mexicans (luchadores, cilindreros, quinceañeras, etc.) dressed like Man Machine-era Kraftwerk. The full series is here

Kraftwerk cactus, 2017

Kraftwerk live (three versions of the same drawing), 2017 and 2021

Kraftwurst, 2017

An imagined Kraftwerk intra-group newsletter, 2016

Yardwork, 2015

Kraftwerk balls, 2015

Allestodo 19: Kraftwerk, 2017
One of a series of drawings, the rest of them are here.

Nummern, 2011 and 2021
I made the first of these graphics in 2011, and I was never quite happy with it, so I re-made it 2021, which is in two parts.

Kraftwerk live at a nudist beach, 2006

Kraftwerk Lollipop, 2004
Part of a series of drawings which I called Lollipops because of the big round heads, that were originally done for an advertising campaign for the Observer Music Magazine.
More pop stars drawn in this style here.

Kraftwerk Kam, 2000
(Note: the idea here was that it was a webcam in Kraftwerk's studio. At the time, webcams of street scenes were very popular. Looking at low-res barely-changing street scenes was not a good way to spend your dial-up time. Kraftwerk had not done a real album for about 14 years at the point, too. They eventually released an album in 2003. I type these words in 2023, and they've not put out a new album since that one, 20 years ago.)

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