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(No longer taking contributions.)
In 2000, I was getting a lot of Minipops suggestions. A hell of a lot. So, in an effort to combat the mountain, I invited FFF visitors to draw their own miniature popsters. Some chose to replicate the Minipops style, others took the miniature bit and of the concept and did something else.
I called these things Micropops. It's interesting for me to see how people took what I'd developed and, err, developed it.

Note: these Micropops were off the site for a few years cos I was too lazy to sort them out after I'd briefly took them down. During that time I had an email from one person asking for his contributions not to be put back up again should the Micropops re-appear. Err, I've forgotten who you were. If you read this, email me again and I'll take them down. Sorry about that.