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Minimoma pretends to be a major gallery housing modern and contemporary art. Just in case you are wondering, it's not pretending to be the real MOMA in New York. The name just describes what it is: a museum full of modern art. (Click on the entrance to get on in there.)

When I make stuff like this, I'll spend a not insubstantial amount of time doing them. If it involves drawing and animating people, I end up inventing back stories for the characters. I recently found a text document hidden deep on my computer's hard drive containing my notes on the stories of the people in Minimoma. Here they are.

On the steps outside:
They're a couple who are trying to get to a point where they can argue and get rid of the tension that exists between them.

Entrance hall (left to right):
Enthusiastic art teacher takes his 15-year-old pupils to see the museum, hoping that some of them will appreciate it. Most of them don't. One girl does, though. He feels happy that she's inquisitive about Matisse, but secretly hopes she prefers Donald Judd's work.
The elderly couple have visited the gallery because they are on their second honeymoon, and they spent their first honeymoon exploring galleries and museums in Paris. They are still very much in love.
The security guy thought it'd be cool to work in a museum. He thought it'd be easy. But every day he gets more amd more crushed by the boredom. I could do that, he thinks. And he could, if he put his mind to it.

Room one (left to right):
The security guy loves his job. Every day he feels inspired by the great works he sees around him. He loves the looks on the faces that the art provokes.
The young couple aren't really that keen, but it was getting hot outside, so popped in to cool down.
The boy with the rucksack is studying for his exams. He's supposed to be in the library, but is enjoying the art more. The books can wait.
The boy in the grey shirt is doing sketches of the art for a project he's doing for his website. He's quite enthusiastic about the project, and wonders if he should call it Minimoma.
The other security guy hates seeing people drawing in the museum. Why do they bother?, he thinks, what will they achieve by copying work that's far greater than their own talent?

Room two (left to right):
The security guard is really tired. She's trying not to nod off.
The young woman is not really sure why she's there. She had no intention of seeing art today, but somehow found herself in Minimoma, enjoying herself.
A father and son enjoying their day together before the son goes back to his ex-wife. His father cherishes every moment he spends with his son, and wishes he was still cherishing moments with his ex-wife.
Two ravers who came home from a club and decided to take more ecstacy. after a walk in the park, they found the museum. They are both dancing to the same album on their headphones (Beaucoup Fish by Underworld) but are slightly out of synch. Dan Flavin's work looks brilliant on drugs, they both think.
Two gay guys on a date. Both are dreadfully nervous. The black guy is nervous because this is his first date since his last relationship broke up. The white guy is nervous because he doesn't know nuch about modern art.

Damien Hirst room (left to right):
The woman thinks Damien Hirst is kinda dishy. She also likes his art because her ex-boyfriend hates it.
The boy behind the tank is fascinated by sharks. The museum is free; the aquarium is eight quid.
The security guys are best friends. Every day they make each other laugh. They only stay at the museum because of each other.