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Are you bored of only having important emails in your inbox? Sick of the only junk mail you get being that that offers you a million ways to make easy money, buy cheap Inkjet cartridges and have an 18 year old blonde just begging to make your acquaintance?

FFF came up with a solution to both of these 21st century problems: a newsletter.

So, if you want regular-ish (once a month at most) ramblings on any subject that I see fit to be rambled about, all you need to do is send an email to craig AT flipflopflyin DOT com and Bob's your uncle.

Note: I promise not to give/sell your email details to anyone else. I hate spam as much as you and would never ever encourage such evil behaviour.
If you ever get any spam claiming to be from any flipflopflyin.com email address, it is a fake.

Newsletter no more.