Pete and Bob, 2002-2006

Pete and Bob are two owls who like to dance and muck about.
The one on the left is Pete. The one the right, unsurprisingly, is Bob.
They star in this eight part animation almost crammed full of strigine high jinx.

Episode 1: The Dance

Episode 2: Another Dance

Episode 3: Another Dance and a Glass of Wine

Episode 4: Dancing on the Beach

Episode 5: The End?

Episode 6: Pete's Solo Debut

Episode 7: Bob's Experimental Period

Episode 8: The End

Should you be interested, all the music used in Pete & Bob episodes is chopped up and assembled - like a rubbish DJ Shadow - by Flip Flop Flyin's house band, Golf Buddies. If any artist or label finds their music on here and wants it removed, let me know: I'll do it forthwith.

Episode 1: "Sugar Sugar" The Archies, "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" Belinda Carlisle.

Episode 2: "Baby Doll" NERD, "November Rain" Guns N' Roses, "My Home Town" Alan Price.

Episode 3: "Cubik" 808 State, "Look" The Beach Boys, "Like I Love You" Justin Timberlake, "Virginia Plain" Roxy Music.

Episode 4: "Security Of The First World" Public Enemy, "Wonderful Christmas Time" Paul McCartney, "Sweet Home Alabama" Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Episode 5: "Feel The Pain" Dinosaur Jr., "Untitled" Portishead, "When Doves Cry" Prince & The Revolution, "Debaser" and "Hey" Pixies, "I Don't Wanna Dance" Eddy Grant, "$1000 Wedding" Gram Parsons.

Episode 6: "The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore" The Walker Brothers.

Episode 7: "Maid Of Orleans" OMD, "Early Blow" Ratio, "Kids In America" Kim Wilde, "Close To You" The Carpenters, "No One Knows" Queens Of The Stone Age.

Episode 8: "Ferry Cross The Mersey" Gerry & The Pacemakers, "Methamphetamine Blues" Mark Lanegan, "Testone" Sweet Exorcist, "Church Of The KLF" The KLF, "Sugar Sugar" The Archies, "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" Belinda Carlisle.

© 2002-2006 Craig Robinson