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Client: MTV Germany
Project: Nanopops
Country: Germany
Year: 2001

Animation and concept of Nanopops - small pixelated animated characters - used on the MTV Germany website. Many animations were designed and made and appear randomly on the site.
To promote the website, a series of 12 Nanopops TV commercials were made. Each of the clips represents a different genre of music.
A further series of four clips entitled Nanopops In Love was made for broadcast on Valentine's Day.
Work undertaken as a Defcom employee.
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TV commercials - Series One:
Boyz launch clip
Disko launch clip
DJ launch clip
Headbanger launch clip
Moonwalker launch clip
Raver launch clip
Robot launch clip
Rocker launch clip

TV commercials - Series Two (Nanopops In Love):
Pt.1 Love At First Sight launch clip
Pt.2 In Seventh Heaven launch clip
Pt.3 The First Time launch clip
Pt.4 Broken Heart launch clip