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The name for this site came before anything else, and I set about making a website without much of a plan. It's kinda been run that way ever since.
This site can be split into three parts.
The first part, from 001-147, is essentially like an attic. Just a bunch of stuff that doesn't fit anywhere else, on either of my other sites, Flip Flop Flyin' and Shakse.
The second part, from 148-166, is a rambling story. It doesn't make a huge amount of sense, but I enjoyed doing the drawings a lot. It's just that they took longer to do, and the presence (in my head at least) of a story slowed the whole thing down.
Which brings us to part three, from 167 onwards. In the kitchen, there's an little Ikea cupboard with a black board door. Ever since it's been around, I've periodically scribbled on it. So, from now on, I'll digitally record each of the drawings and put them on TPH.
I hope you like some of the things you see on the site, and will see in the future.
02 March 2004

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