technically perfect hair

What happened with Technically Perfect Hair? I'm not sure.
I looked at what I wrote on TPH144 and realised I was half lying. It has been fun, but I've also felt it was a chore at times. I'm not entirely sure why I feel a self-imposed pressure to do this. One thing I didn't mention about my original intention for TPH was that I hoped it would be a place where I'd experiment more. There's a certain thought process and visual language I use on Flip Flop Flyin' and Shakse that shouldn't happen here. It should be different, or it should be a starting point, and something of its own. It shouldn't be what it had become, which was a trawl thru' my hard drive for any offcuts.
There are things in the First 144 that I'm proud of. Some things DID do what i wanted them to do. Some things were steps in new directions for me. So, I hope in this 2nd phase of TPH to do more exploration of myself and my computer and what I can do with its mouse when the Photoshop program is open.
03 January 2003

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