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084 The Owls
This is what I wrote: "A simple animation. Inspired, as all the owl stuff I've done is, by my Gran, who loves them very much."
There has been a long break on TPH recently, mainly due to me going home because my Gran, the owl-lover, died on 1st Spetember.
I'd prepared a few days' worth of TPH stuff at the end of August, and due to going home and other stuff, it sat in a folder unused until now. I've tended to use owls more than most other animals on FFF, and this was the first one. It was put on FFF in the early days, then removed, now I'll put it here, cos I still like it.
And the words still make sense. My Gran loved owls.
The next TPH thing is the sequel to this rather simple animation.
13 October 2002

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