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May 6, 2011: MLB Web site headers

Unless I'm looking at the schedule to see who the starting pitchers are, I rarely look at each team's Web site. I find them to be quite messy and slow. But I thought it'd be vaguely interesting to look at the headers of individual team Web sites. There's no great analysis going on here, I just thought it'd be interesting to look at them all together.

Strange use of black and white on the Red Sox header. The only site where the dominant colour isn't on the uniform.

Well, this one is just begging to be mocked. Does this site also say "It's a Lay of Life" on what I assume will be more days this season than it will say "It's a Way of Life"?

Okay, then.



This Royals header just makes me think that in amongst those "Major League moments" there's a whole heap of Minor League action.

(Way too easy to mock.)

I'm a wee bit surprised that they don't trumpet their championship.

The choice of font for the "My"s is kind of grating.

Cringe-inducing use of "2.0," utterly horrible. The "Hustle + Heart" seems to be a euphemism for "We're not gonna make the play-offs."