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I've never thought of a name for this section of FFF, for some reason. I always referred to it as the home page animation, which is a pretty uninspired name. But here they are, the home page animations, which has lately begun to be referred to as FFF Boy's Animation Corner:

54. Farewell
53. Jealous Boy
52. Hundwerk
51. Billy
50. Flipflop Knipflop
49. Justin Flipperlake
48. Kid F
47. Flip Flop Flyin' Blaine
46. Flip Flop Ravin'
45. Dutch Cliché
44. Groovin' With The Uibbles
43. Livin' In A Box
42. St George's Day
41. Death Of Meg
40. No War Please
39. A Space Odyssey
38. Test Card
37. Rockin' Christmas Owls
36. FFF Boy Lookalike Contest Results
35. FFF Boy Lookalike Contest
34. Hip Hop Flyin
33. Pet Shop FFF Boys
32. FFF Boy Boating Safety
31. Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk
30. FFF Boy Sock Puppet Theatre
29. Swan Lake
28. Brian Wilson
27. Abracadabra
26. FFF Boy Hearts Euro
25. A Flip Flop Flyin' Christmas
24. Dancing With Meg
23. Let's Get Physical
22. Home Alone Again
21. Home Alone
20. Lovin' An Elevator
19. Stewart
18. Stuff In My Head
17. Flip Flop Flyin' Non Event
16. Art
15. Sir Elton And FFF Boy
14. Lightning
13. Happy Birthday Bikini
12. Tour De Berlin
11. Fun With Facial Hair
10. Flipped World Tour 2001
09. Back Home
08. Summertime
07. Happy Birthday
06. Ich Bin FFF Boy
05. Mini May Day
04. Bowling
02. Hello Again Cigarettes
01. Goodbye Cigarettes, I Love You

And here, is something extra. Not actually an animation, but back in the day when I was doing these animations, and FFF Boy was the "face" of the Web site, there were a lot of fake nude photos of celebrities on the Internet. I created such a thing of FFF Boy via the powers of Photoshop. Should you wish to see that, it's here.